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Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2
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Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2

Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2

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Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2 is a 3D third-person shooter with racing and the war between gangs and mafias. Big city needs a big boss. Become big boss. Large open world, sandbox with freedom of choice. Your every decision affects the storyline and characters.

Game features

  • Dynamic third person shooter! A shooter with realistic, interesting gameplay that will drag you headlong
  • A huge variety of cars: for the family, for the brutal - oil car, and sports cars for those who love speed and racing
  • Large and dynamic open world
  • A huge arsenal of guns to choose from
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Purchase and control of real estate
  • Challenge the fastest drivers on the islands
  • Great game that you can download for free

The plot of the game

The secret service guy is given a chance to climb the career ladder, sending him to perform a mission as a partner to such a Rambo of the police, whose name terrifies all the ghetto criminals in Andreas. Here are just the methods he does not quite comply with the statute, but the higher leadership closes his eyes to this, since no one except him is capable of hitting targets from the car while on the move. In general, such a chance falls once in life, and the young agent, despite his dislike for the methods of the new partner, tries to be good and he succeeds. Find out more. Have fun

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